Prepare your site for a Facebook Post

Facebook Post Specs

  • Prepare your main image, and make it available on your website. The optimal size image for Facebook is 1,200px wide x 630px tall. At the minimum, images must be 600px wide x 315px tall.
  • Provide us with a one sentence comment to use above the image. In our example, it’s “Contact our digital media specialists today!” Facebook recommends 40 characters or less (including spaces), but up to 70 is acceptable. We do not insert web links into the comment.
  • Provide us witn your business Facebook page link (ours is @EWTNAdvertising) so we can "tag" you in the post. This is required by Facebook.
  • Insert the proper Facebook Open Graph (OG) tags into your website's landing page. (Details below)
  • Test your OG Tags using the Facebook Debugger.

Add your own links and information, and insert the tags into the 〈head〉section of your landing page. The tags for our example above are:

〈meta property="og:title" content="We'd like to introduce you to millions of committed Catholics worldwide." /〉
〈meta property="og:image" content="" /〉
〈meta property="og:url" content="" /〉
〈meta property="og:site_name" content="EWTN News Advertising" /〉
〈meta property="og:type" content="website" /〉
〈meta property="og:description" content="Advertising in our print and digital publications can showcase your products and services to the world’s largest Catholic buying audience." /〉

You can test your OG tags by using the Facebook Sharing Debugger at Be sure and hit the “Scrape Again” button each time you update your OG tags so Facebook gets the most current information. The result you see will be exactly how Facebook will post your information.

WordPress Users: There is an easy-to-use plugin called "Meta Tag Manager" that allows you to enter the Facebook OG tags (and any other meta tags) for your site, or on individual pages. We're using the same plugin to insert the tags you see above on this very page.