File Submission & Filenames

  • Please email art files to:
  • Send all artwork as email attachments rather than embedded images in the body of the email.
  • Please do not send zip files. Our email system may strip them out as suspected malware.
  • File Naming Convention: Please include your company name, ad title, and version (if any) in the filename of your submitted artwork in the format: Advertiser-AdTitle-Version.filetype Example: StMaryCatholicBooks-ChristmasAd-002.pdf Note that generically named files (examples: NCR_4x4.pdf, NCR-Ad.pdf) may cause delays in your campaign.

Digital Ad Specs

  • File types: .jpg, .gif, .png
  • Resolution: 72dpi • Max file size 120k
  • Animated GIFs (website only: Animated .gifs acceptable in all locations except the Top Banner of the website (728x90) and the Ad Bar (850x50), but are subject to review for appropriate animation, character and adjoining images on our website.
  • Animated GIFs (Daily E-Newsletter): Animated .gifs will animate properly in browser-based email systems like Gmail, but Outlook and some other client-based email systems will only display the first frame of the animation.
  • Flash Files: We do not support or accept Flash based advertising.
  • We are unable to accept interactive (game-type) ads (other than a standard clickthrough) or audio / video animation that uses auto-play.

Facebook Posts

Download and follow the instructions to prepare your website's landing page for a successful Facebook Post.  See Preparing your landing page for a Facebook Post for details.

Print Ad Specs

  • File Type: All ads should be sent in PDF/X-1a:2001 format.
  • All fonts and images must be embedded.
  • Flatten Transparent Objects: Flattening your ad is a very important as the appearance of an object can change when it is flattened. For example, multi layered transparent objects can flatten into muddy or less contrasting colors.
  • Resolution: All images in the file should be 300dpi for newsprint. Images from the web are usually 72dpi, and are not acceptable for print ads.
  • If borders, boxes, or lines are needed around your ad, you must include them in the artwork within the confines of the ad size (inside border). Artwork will be printed exactly as received.
  • Please do not include crop marks, bleed marks or registration marks.
Color Print Ads:
  • CMYK color: Convert all Spot colors, RGB and LAB objects to CMYK.
  • All black text should be 100% Black and not a 4 color (process) black.
B&W Print Ads
  • B&W - Convert all Spot colors, RGB, CMYK and LAB objects to Grayscale.